10 Minutes Recipe – Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipe Easy Anda Paratha- No Knead, No Dough.

10 Minutes Recipe – Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipe Easy Anda Paratha – No knead🙂 How to make yummy paratha egg without kneading a dough for breakfast time Quick and Easy Egg & paratha in Breakfast .In this video I will show you super easiest egg paratha without kneading without rolling a dough it’s most easy and time saving recipe with only 3 Ingredients so I put every thing in the mixing bowl and blue the pan and pour the mixture and made this quick egg paratha so time reduces so when you don’t time at all so try this fastest & easiet breakfast with less ingredients in minutes 🙂 So try and do let me know ur feedback Note: This recipe inspired by Korean street food which is easiest simple ingredients breakfast #easybreakfast #toast #onepantoast #Egg #eggtoast#eggrecipes #recipes #easyrecipes #Turkisheggs #arabiccuisine #eggparatha #andaparatha #viral #viralvideo

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