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Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan Recipe

  • To begin making the Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan recipe, first prep all the ingredients and keep them ready.

  • Into a large mixing bowl, add the flour, salt, sugar and yeast. Combine all the dry ingredients.

  • Make a well in the center, add the Methi leaves, garlic, yogurt and little lukewarm water at a time and knead well to make smooth dough.

  • Drizzle a little oil on the top and knead until the dough is smooth for about 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Cover the dough with a lid or a kitchen towel and allow the dough to rise in room temperature for at least 2 hours until it has risen in size.

  • Once the dough has risen, we will now prep for baking the Naan.

  • Preheat the oven to 250 C for about 20 minutes.

  • In this 20 minutes, we will roll the dough out into ovals and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.

  • Divide the dough into 10 to 12 portions. Dust in flour and roll into an oval of 1/4 inch thickness.

  • Place the rolled Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan into a greased and dusted baking sheet and continue the remaining process of the remaining dough.

  • Cover the rolled dough with a kitchen towel.

  • Allow the dough to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes in the baking sheet.

  • Once rested and the oven is well preheated, place the Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan in the oven and bake on high heat for about 10 to 12 minutes until you notice the golden crust on the top.

  • Once the Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan has a golden crust, remove from the oven and smear it with butter and serve hot.

  • Serve the Whole Wheat Methi Garlic Naan recipe along with Matar Paneer and Dal Makhani for a wholesome lunch or dinner.

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