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Andhra Style Kandagadda Vepudu Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen


Andhra Style Kandagadda Vepudu Recipe (Yam Stir Fry Recipe) is a typical Andhra style of cooking a dish. The word “Vepadu” literally translates to stir fry in Andhra. So therefore any ingredient that has been tossed and fried with Indian masala can be called as vepadu in Andhra cuisine.

In this recipe we used Yam which is called in different names in Indian language such as, Kandagadda, Chenai Kezhangu, Suran etc. It is a root vegetable that has good for instant energy.

Serve the Andhra Style Kandagadda Vepudu along with Steamed Rice, Palak Tovve or Palak Dal Recipe and Palya for an everyday Lunch or Dinner. 

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