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Spicy Lettuce, Apple And Carrot Salad Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Lettuce, Apple And Carrot Salad With Chilli Dressing Recipe is a delicious homemade salad where apple and carrot is sliced and then mixed with roughly chopped lettuce and a honey chilli dressing.

This salad makes for perfect dish along with your soup or you can also serve it as a side dish for your weekend brunch. If you are looking for a Homemade Continental Salad Recipe, you should give this recipe a try as it is easy to make and takes only few ingredients.

Serve Lettuce, Apple And Carrot Salad With Chilli Dressing Recipe along with Butternut Squash And Carrot Soup and a Grilled Tofu Spinach/Lettuce Sandwich for your weekend Brunch. 

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